MASKS ARE OPTIONAL for vaccinated visitors per the latest CDC and State Government guidance! We are currently operating at full capacity!
PLEASE: If you are not feeling well, please put yourself in “park” and stay home until you are feeling better!

Not if you’re fully-vaccinated. Masks are optional, we trust you’ll do the right thing to keep others safe. If you’re not vaccinated please wear a mask unless you’re eating or drinking.
Not if they are fully-vaccinated. After being covered up for a year we can’t wait for you to see our huge smiles when you pull-up to our pit-stop!

General Questions:

Yes. We wouldn’t be The Truck Bar without a place to park your favorite set of wheels. We have about 30 spaces. We encourage you to carpool because once the lot is full there’s no overflow parking.

Not at all. Just be aware that many of our games and activities are pay-to-play. Cornhole is free and first-come, first-serve unless you are reserving a private event.

Yes to both! This is the 21st century, after all.

Rather watch than play? We have televisions for anyone who wants to just sit back and catch the game.

Yes, we are a family-friendly venue! Just be aware that all kids under 21 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Of course, but keep in mind that activities like cornhole and our golf simulator can fill up fast, so you may need to wait. Reservations via a private event are always recommended for larger parties.

You know it. They can be purchased on-location or online and given to your very favorite friends. Get one here.

Absolutely! We can host anything from Jack & Jills, birthdays, retirement parties, and private get-togethers. If you have your own creative idea, feel free to call 860-554-3167 for specific accommodations. 

Food & Drink:

Yes…a truck bar, in fact! We offer a full range of beer, wine and cocktails, with everything served in cans or bottles.

We have charcuterie cups, chips and candy available for sale. If you want more than that, feel free to bring your own food. But please…no outside beverages.

You may bring food from outside. But just food…no alcohol. C’mon, we’re a bar.

At this time, no. But feel free to bring your favorite food with you. Just no outside beverages.


We’re glad you asked…because if you’re playing any of our games or riding the Party Bike, please wear shoes that a) protect your toes and b) stay on your feet.

Try not to be…or it could affect how long you get to enjoy your scheduled activity. A good rule of thumb is to arrive 15-20 minutes early so you can sign any necessary waivers, review rules and all that fun stuff. Don’t be the “slow moving vehicle in the fast lane” who slows down everyone else’s fun!

Our cornhole lanes are first-come, first-serve. However, they are available to reserve as part of a private event or birthday party

For our cornhole and billiards, please feel free to play as long as you’d like if nobody else is waiting. If people are waiting to play, please take turns — winners stay, losers take a break!

A great mix of retro arcade games, pinball machines, basketball, pool tables and more. Bottom line, if you can gather around it with some friends, we’ve probably got it.

Just like the good ‘ol days, they’re coin-operated. You can find a coin machine onsite, and if you smile and ask nicely, our bartenders may be willing to trade their tip change for some paper bills.

Most of our arcade games are just like you remember — a quarter per game!

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